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Hills Photographic Ltd, a professional photographic equipment and processing store, was founded in 1980. Hills Photos has been located on the Dominion Road over the past 25 years. Charles Wu, the current director of Hills Photos, took over the ownership of this shop in February 2001 when the former owner moved to Australia.

Charles has extremely strong interest and passion in photography ever since he was young. From the very beginning of his career path till now, he has always been deeply involved in the photographic industry, and he used to run a photo processing shop which also deals with all photography-related issues for 15 years in Taiwan.

In 1998, Charles moved to New Zealand with his family, hence concluded his business in Taiwan. Although obstacles like the culture and lifestyle differences exist during the transforming period, he kept seeking opportunities that enable him to continue with his career in the photographic industry, as well as observing the nature and procedures of the local photography industry since he got to New Zealand.

Luckily, he soon found Hills Photos, and got to know that the former owner was moving to Australia and was looking for someone professional and experienced to carry on with Hills Photos. Since photography has always been the essence of Charles' career path, after a series of evaluation and consideration and the understanding of the fact that Hills Photos is a professional photo processing store with stable client growth, he has made the executive decision of taking over the ownership of Hills Photos, and become the current director of Hills Photos.

Due to the long history of Hills Photos, the photo processing equipment got wore and tear, Charles has constantly been updating and upgrading the equipment, as well as improving the quality and service provided. Despite the limitation of the rather old-fashioned equipment, Charles is still able to achieve continuous growth in terms of both loyal client base and revenue using his professional skills and experienced techniques.

However, technology has never slowed its pace in further improving and developing, digitalization is inevitably the trend in the photography industry. Therefore, Charles has always been concerned regarding to the related latest technology, as well as planning the future tactics for Hills Photos.

In 2003, when the high-tech and multi-function digital photo processing equipment were still rare in Auckland, Charles has made another critical executive decision of purchasing a brand new set of the latest equipment for Hills Photos based on his professional experience and careful examination of the market trends.

In order to make Hills Photos compatible in this extremely competitive market, Charles always maintains and presents the milestone of Hills Photos when facing every single customer ~ Being proud of achieving high customer satisfactions!

Finally, not only having sincerely appreciation to all the loyal customers for kind continuous support, Hills Photos would also like to bring up-to-dated and non-stop improving techniques and services to each and every one of its valuable customers, to make sure that they can all retain beautiful and fabulous memories in their life journey.

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